Editing Photos on iPhone and Android with ParkerArrow Lightroom Presets

Editing Photos on iPhone and Android with ParkerArrow Lightroom Presets - www.darkphotography.org

The scope and ability for easily editing photos on iPhone and Android have come a long way. You no longer need to have a full on desktop computer setup to get that amazing look you’re chasing after. In my opinion, the iPhone photo editor, and yes, I’m leaning a little more towards iPhone here for now, but hear me out. The best iPhone photo editor right now has to be Lightroom CC.

You’ve no doubt seen how many Instagrammers have exploded in popularity over the very recent couple of years. This has become something that has caught a lot of people off guard, and some, who were aware enough to see the opportunity, have clearly ridden the wave. But how do they get those amazing shots? I mean, surely the light isn’t always absolutely perfect for them, is it?

You and I both know that it’s not. In a similar way to how you can modify the white balance presets on a range of cameras, Lightroom CC offers this level of flexibility for you to get the final shot you want. It has never been so easy to edit photos on iPhone as it is now, and the smartphone photography industry is booming!

Editing Photos on iPhone and Android with ParkerArrow Lightroom Presets - www.darkphotography.org

For the Android audience, the great news is that you can also take advantage of these Lightroom presets for editing photos on Note 8 or any other compatible device. In fact, Lightroom is the best Android photo editor out there. Consider the strength and experience of the team behind the Lightroom CC project when compared to other apps for editing photos on Android.

The Lightroom CC team has clearly made this a robust platform for editing photos on iPhone and Android. So much so that other developers have the capacity to build on it through the creation of their own custom presets. These Lightroom presets are able to integrate without issue into the main system, and you can use them to get that look that you are chasing without as much of the fuss and expense as you might otherwise have.

Choosing just any old presets off a random website will get you a collection of options that you can apply easily, but often they are not as polished as they could be. I’ve been working with the Lightroom presets for smartphone photography by ParkerArrow and been able to achieve some mind-blowing results.

Tips for editing photos on iPhone and Android

The first thing you need to do is to import the image you want to edit on your iPhone or Android into Lightroom and open it up. Once this has been imported, you will see a series of options or tools for you to edit the image on the bottom of your screen.

The first option I usually apply on any photo I’m editing, whether I’m using Lightroom on my smartphone or the PC version of the software is the Preset Setting which gives me a starting point to determine the mood I want to convey for the photograph.

When working with portraits, I tend to like the feel of a faded, sometimes moody feel. You can get these with a range of different presets, but I’ve found that the Lightroom mobile app preset California Mobile Pack with California 07, as shown below, by ParkerArrow gives me a good basis.

Editing Photos on iPhone and Android with ParkerArrow Lightroom Presets - www.darkphotography.org
The thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to use the exact same settings for every picture, but in this case, the kind of edit I’ll describe gets a specific look that I find works well on portraits. There are a lot of different Lightroom presets for smartphones that you can get through ParkerArrow.

What I would do after selecting this preset is to turn on ‘Lens Correction’ and adjust as needed. After that, I use the  ‘Detail’ tool to sharpen the image. Then I adjust the following effects settings using the slider to get the look and feel that I want:

  • Clarity
  • Dehaze
  • Vignette

The key thing to keep in mind with this is that you don’t want to overdo things here as these settings can easily ruin your image. These settings can make a big difference to the feel of the image with dramatic effect differences applied when compared to the original.

Next, I like to work with Split Toning. I believe that this is a very important part of editing photos on iPhone or Android. Split Tone is essentially adding different colors to the highlights and the shadows of the image. This can help provide an impactful look that really causes your photo to pop. But, be careful not to go too heavy with this.

Once I’m done with the split toning of the image I adjust the temperature of the image through the color palette. Using different colors you are able to change how warm or cool the image looks. This does a lot to help convey a certain type of emotion in the image. Adjusting the vibrancy a little can help with this stage in the editing for specific effect also.

Changing the ‘Light’ settings allows me to be able to adjust pretty much every aspect of the image when editing photos on Android or iPhone. You can change the exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows here to smooth out the picture. Remember to use these in moderation to maintain the integrity of the image you are editing with your chosen Lightroom presets.

The next step I take is to adjust the curves to change the highlights and shadows, and the RGB to adjust the Red, Ble, and Green respectively. This is done in a graphical manner with the curves tool. Once all of this is done, it is time for the last stage of editing, which is the cropping and rotating.

Cropping and rotating an image is often overlooked by many when editing photos on iPhone or Android. If you want to find that viral look, you need to check out what is curently getting the likes and shares online, and apply that into your photos. I find that the 4 x 5 crop works very nicely for Instagram. Make sure that you adjust your photo accordingly before you save it. When saving, select the highest quality possible, and save the image to your device.

Using your creative flare when editing photos on iPhone or Android are just as important as applying suitable techniques, as this is what is going to result in you developing your own style. Download the Lightroom presets for smartphone photography from ParkerArrow, and have fun exploring and developing your style.