Fotocast – A Unique and Powerful Weather Forecast App Designed Just for Photographers!

Fotocast - A Unique and Powerful Weather Forecast App Designed Just for Photographers -

Fotocast - A Unique and Powerful Weather Forecast App Designed Just for Photographers -

There’s a new weather forecast app on the scene for mobile devices. But this one is different from the rest – it’s designed just for photographers and videographers!

When you first open the app, it asks you what type of photographer you are, and presents many choices. This is because the app is fully customized to what kind of photography you practice. Obviously, different types of photographers will look for different types of weather conditions that work best for their craft.

The first thing you will notice when you open the Fotocast weather forecast app is a thing called Fotoscore. This is a score from 0-10 that tells you if the weather outside is good (or not so good) for your type of photography. It’s quick and convenient to use this to know if you should be outside taking photos, without having to read a full weather report.

Of course, Fotocast still has all other weather data (and more) that you would expect from a weather forecast app. Fotocast also has a “Sunny 16” rule indicator that automatically changes based on the weather – for you photogs that use the Sunny 16 and don’t want to have to calculate it out manually anymore.

It’s important not to get your camera wet (or your clients) when you are outside shooting. Fear not, Fotocast has hyperlocal rain notifications that will alert you exactly when the rain is expected to start.

On the topic of notifications and alerts, you can also create custom alerts for just about any weather condition you can imagine with the Fotocast weather forecast app. This is great if you are trying to monitor a specific location to take photos at that requires the weather to be just right.

Some examples of this could be if you are trying to take a photo of a pond and need there to be no wind (to get a nice mirror-like surface on the water), or if you are trying to take a photo of a bridge and want there to be fog around the bridge. With the custom weather alerts, you know exactly when you need to head to your location and start taking photos!

The app also automatically gives you tips for taking photos based on the weather conditions and what type of photographer you are. You can also save your gear into a “gear database” and then configure which weather variables they are needed for and get helpful reminders, as well as see images from other photographers based on your photography type and current weather for quick inspiration at any time.

Fotocast - A Unique and Powerful Weather Forecast App Designed Just for Photographers - www.darkphotography.orgAlong with golden hour and twilight info, you can get an idea if sunset will be beautiful and colorful at your location by looking at the sunrise and sunset quality scores for the day. There are a plethora of different photography calculators built into Fotocast as well, for just about any type of photography situation you can think of.

It does not end there with features. Also included is a trip log (mileage recorder) which logs your distance traveled to photo shoots on the go, a sun and moon direction tool so you can see where the sun or moon will be located at any time or date, a built-in compass, a very high contrast shot clock to sync capture times with your other camera bodies in post, cloud height indicators, nightly summaries for the next day’s weather, and more.

Fotocast is designed for all Android and Apple phones and tablets. It can be downloaded now on the App Store and Google Play for free. Check out Fotocast’s website.

Fotocast is free and has no ads. You can also subscribe to an optional monthly or yearly subscription (the yearly subscription comes with a discount) that will unlock a few extra features. The base app is free and will work for most casual photographers, but the subscription is affordable, won’t break the bank, and will truly unlock the full power of Fotocast for the hardcore professional photographer. The subscription also helps the developer continue to add new features and maintain the app.

Fotocast - A Unique and Powerful Weather Forecast App Designed Just for Photographers - www.darkphotography.orgSpeaking of the developer of the app, (Photographer’s Arsenal – but listed on the App Store as Dunbar Technology, LLC), they are very responsive all inquiries and generally will fix any bugs you report within a few days. They also are very open to new suggestions you have for Fotocast and will add them as soon as they can.

If you’re a professional photographer or even an amateur who wants to take better photos, Fotocast is essential to always make sure that the outside conditions are as best as possible to capture that perfect shot. As a weather forecast app for photographers, this app really gives other apps in the photography space a run for their money.