5 Tips From Annabel Law; The Top Wedding Photographer in Singapore

Have you found that you are struggling for wedding photograph ideas that are unique? You’re not alone if you answered ‘yes’ to that, in fact, in my experience, it is normally the Bride who is the most apprehensive about her wedding photos, and what they will look like. This is why we have a few tips on the topic from a woman who I believe is the top wedding photographer in Singapore.

Annabel Law has worked with hundreds of people on countless photo shoots in her time, thus, earning herself the reputation of being the best wedding photographer Singapore has to offer. As a result of her hard work in the industry, Annabel has become a highly sought-after photographer, along with the select few that she chooses to work with out of her Lor Chuan studio in Singapore.

Given that Dark Photography tends to focus on nighttime photography, and all of the amazing things that can be done with an image when you can play with light trails and delayed exposures, we found that the following tips from Annabel were refreshing when applied to wedding photographs. We’ve chosen to call these tips from the top wedding photographer in Singapore ‘Annabel’s Laws’ as they really are based on the fundamentals of creative wedding photography.

Annabel’s Law #1 – Angles

When it comes to creativity, night wedding photography isn’t going to give you the same results as wedding photographs taken during the day. You’re going to need to think about different angles and how these will play a part in the composition of the image with the type of light you are working with. Try at least several different angles to find the one that works best for the situation and the couple at the time.

If you are able to use the surrounding landscape to help frame the couple and draw attention to them, then use the elements in this level of light to your advantage. Trees can catch the ambient light from a strategically positioned spotlight in such a way that the image can almost look like it belongs somewhere in a fairytale.

I love how this type of photography allows me to draw the attention away from all of the background goings-on and put the focus on the subject, in this case, the happy couple. Setting up from a slightly lower vantage point than normal, you’ll be able to use the darker expanse above the subject to emphasize the prominence of the couple in the photograph. Get this balance right and you’ll be looking at a photo that just wants to pop right off the page!

Annabel’s Law #2 – Silhouettes

Another thing to consider with your wedding photography at night is using the light that you have in the background to create a silhouette.

The story that can be told through a silhouette is one that speaks of mystery and untold secrets. This type of photograph in a wedding album almost echoes the bond between the newly wedded couple and hints at the romantic little secrets they share together.

When used to add contrast to the dozens of photos that will no doubt grace the pages of the wedding album, or the walls of the newly married couple, a good wedding photographer understands the value that such images can provide.

It is through their ability to break the monotony of smiling face after smiling face in what can soon become a collection of same-same images in a photo album. A silhouette shot speaks of intimacy and romance that is exclusively for the couple in the photo, and it does a lot to tell the story.

Annabel’s Law #3 – Lighting Props

The best wedding photographer Singapore can provide suggests that by using impromptu lighting props, such as sparklers and fairy lights, you can bring a lot of fun into the scene.

After all, it is how the moment is captured and the story that is told which really matters. Take a look at the next few shots to see how Annabel Law uses these playful methods in her photo shoots.

The light trails that can be captured in a delayed exposure can add a Disney-like feel to your photos. Think of Cinderella’s dress appeared by magic under a blanket of falling sparkles; wouldn’t that make for the ultimate fairytale wedding photo!

Annabel’s Law #4 – Soft Light Images

To create an amazing effect in low light, the top wedding photographer in Singapore suggests using a mixture of soft lighting sources which are scattered in such a way to present a softer series of tones.

Have a look at the image below and consider the depth of field as used in conjunction with the lighting sources. This type of approach is something that can seriously turn heads when it is applied effectively in a photo.

Annabel’s Law #5 – Connectivity

Annabel creatively uses subtle elements of connectivity between her photos to keep the viewer connected to the story. Think of this like the script to a movie; there needs to be a flow in the dialogue for the audience to follow the story.

With images, there is a need to have elements from the previous photo echoed in the next photo to keep it connected. This is a great technique to bring it all together.

However, you don’t want to overuse this technique. It should be something that the viewer has to really look for to consciously notice. If they are flicking through the photos, you want them to feel like they are on the ride with you.

This is something that Annabel Law, the top wedding photographer in Singapore, uses with care. See if you can identify the elements that flow from one photo to the next in the images below.